A Celebration of Life will be held for Mrs. Joyce Tucker on Monday, November 27, 2023, with visitation from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Service and interment to follow at Mt. Zion Baptist Church.


From the beginning in 1843 until 2024 God is faithful. In 2019 when the tornado hit Mt. Zion Baptist Church He was beginning the miracle and is continuing today through His planning and provisions will be faithful.


  • To build a new sanctuary building.
  • The structure would be 100’X100’
  • It would contain the following facilities.
  •  A worship space seating approx. 300
  • A large foyer with a welcome center and ample fellowship space.
  • An office space for ministry staff.
  • Security, copy, offering room.
  • Bathrooms including a family bathroom for parents with young children.
  • Building project to be completed in phases.
  • Allow for permitting and site prep before the Chilton Baptist Builders arrive.
  • Allow use of current funds while seeking funding and cost offsets for the next phase.
  • Allows more time for planning interior options while the shell is completed.
  • Allows us to use funding held in depreciation. (Prevent losing such funds)


  • We believe that we are continuing what the Lord started in 2019 with the Miracle at Mt. Zion.
  • The Lord has provided tremendous opportunities through many people including the Chilton Baptist Builders.
  • We believe the FLC must be available for its intended purpose of outreach and discipleship ministries.
  • The Church Family is experiencing a time of great stability and blessing both in our finances and in Church unity.
  • We have focused on the “What” of God’s will and are seeing Him answer the “How”.


Considerations taken into account by the  Building Committee

Future Parking Possibilities

The new building location does take a portion of our current parking accomodations but with proper planning there is property available to allow for additional parking.

This rendering is not a professional recommendation but does show how the property allows for parking lot expansion. With a professionals input on the traffic flow and parking we may have even more options available.
  • Establishing a defined localized main entrance.
  • On Old Slab. Underground Utilities, Cemetery, Ease of Access,
  • Beside FLC. Ground Sloping
  • Other Areas, Terrain, Proximity to other structures.


  • The need for a welcoming and obvious front entrance.
  •  planned flow for greeting, welcoming, and fellowship.
  • Building code restrictions concerning occupancy class and fire code restrictions.
  • Availability and cost of material.


Economics,  Accurate reflection of the congregation,  Availability of materials,  Skill set of the building teams, Modern building supplies, Maintenance, Current design styles with plans to blend the existing structure as repairs are made,  Interior elements that honor the past while maintaining a forward vision,  
Stained glass windows, Use of pews from the old white church.


There are church and community volunteers offering their time, services, and products to assist with this rebuilding effort. Some of these have not finalized and are not included in any phase of building.
Phase 1: Non-Functioning Structure 
(Shell +Rough Interior)

This will include everything needed to utilize the Chilton Baptist Builders June 2024
Phase 1: Costs = Request a copy of the complete Phase 1 financial information.
  • This will include everything needed to utilize the Chilton Baptist Builders.
  • Fully Finished Exterior
  • Sidewalks
  • Utilities stubbed at the building
  • Plumbing & Electrical Rough-in
  • Insulation
  • Interior framing
  • Construction support assets.
  • Testing
  • Permits and documentation.
  • Dumpsters, Portable toilets, etc
  • Storage containers.
Phase 2 : Functional Building
  • Building will be finished and functional
  • Will include items such as HVAC, drywall, interior finishes, finishing electric, and finishing plumbing.
  • Will include a temporary surface parking lot.

This phase along with expenditures will be proposed and submitted to the MZBC church family for a vote at our regular family business meeting for approval prior to completion of Phase 1.

Phase 2 Cost (Highest Conceptual Estimate) = Request a copy of the complete Phase 2 financial information.
  • Funding Options: Mortgage, Construction Loan, Fund Raising, or Other Options.
  • Will include HVAC, drywall, interior finishes, finishing electric, and plumbing.
  • Several cost-saving factors are being explored at this time.
  • These are God-provided donations similar to that of The Chilton Baptist Builders.
  • Estate proceeds willed to the church that are in probate.
  • Because these things are in the works and not finalized, they are not deducted from the budgetary cost of this phase.
  • The total presented for this phase is strictly a conceptual estimate for budgeting. This is the highest possible price.
  • True pricing will be established early in Phase 1 and will be lower.
  • Through the process of Phase 1, the building committee will make every plausible effort to bring this cost down.
  • Missons Involvement
  • Grants and Funding Sources
  • Donated Goods
  • Donated Professional Assistance.
Phase 3 : Outfitting the Building
  • Audio Video Equipment
  • Security System
  • Signage
  • Lobby and Welcome Center Furnishings.
  • Wall Displays

This phase along with expenditures will be proposed and submitted to the MZBC church family for a vote at a later time.
Phase 3 Cost = TBD
  • It is still too early to finalize a phase three price.
  • This phase will be presented early during Phase 2
  • It is likely that much of this phase can be absorbed by savings in other phases.
  • The church will vote on this phase.

Phase 4 : Repairs to the Existing Structure
  • Repair buildings to bring a matched finish.
  • Build a pavilion or similar structure on the old slab.
  • Replace the parking lot with a hard surface

    This phase along with expenditures will be proposed and submitted to the MZBC church family by a new committee formed after the completion of Phase 1-3.

    Phase 4 is mentioned in this proposal to bring to your attention that these details have not been neglected to be considered.  This phase can be completed at any time and will be considered a separate project.

Phase 4 Cost = TBD
Because this phase deals mainly with the existing structures of the church, this phase will not be considered part of this building project and will be implemented by a different committee.


We the building committee, deacons, and pastoral leadership of Mt. Zion Baptist Church unanimously bring the following motion to our church family:

We move that the church adopt the building plan entitled “Continuing The Miracle” thus authorizing the building of a new worship center including a new sanctuary, staff offices, restrooms, foyer, and appropriate storage areas as shown in the building plan. Construction will follow the phased building approach detailed therein with Phase One beginning immediately. Each subsequent phase will be preceded by a presentation and vote.
Building Committee
Bro. Jason Medley,  Ex-Officio / Chair
Bro. Jay Orazine,  Ex-Officio
Jeremy Lewis, Deacon Representative
Larry Lepovitz, Assistant Chair
Michelle Rushing
Diane Dunn
Lynn McCutchen
Tommy Campbell
David Mathis
Deacon Leadership
Jeremy Lewis, Chair
Mike Cozart, Assistant Chair
Karl Neal
Pat Noss
Tommy Myers
Danny Compton
James Gibbs
Ron Penick
Pastoral Staff
Bro. Jason Medley, Senior Pastor  
Bro. Jay Orazine, Worship Pastor

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